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Free Middle School Writing Activities, Lesson plans, and Ideas!


Veiw and print our list of writing prompts for your students. 


Download this Writing Grabbers Powerpoint to help you teach students how to grab a reader's attention when writing an introduction.


We have created a memorable and useful acronym to help us teach revision.  Download and print our free packet!

OH FUDGE, I Have to Revise!


It is hard for middle school students to learn the art of argumentative writing.  Our e-book Argue Your Point provides twenty handouts with argumentative prompts and three tasks per prompt.  Print two free handouts from this awesome resource!


As a class, attend a Dead Word Funeral .  Each student will dress the part and play the part as he/she pays respect to one weak verb or adjective. This unit is complete with guidelines for holding the funeral, directions for writing eulogies and obituaries for the chosen deceased words, and ideas for the order of events. Our packet even includes songs to sing in tribute to the deceased words!  This unforgettable experience provides an awesome lesson on replacing bland words with those that show instead of tell.  


This year, tie in an exciting script writing activity with your folklore study!  We titled thie unit Welcome to My Fairytale. Students will use a classic fairytale as a spring board for their own creative dramatic production and  become playwrights, actors, producers, and critics.   


One of our greatest ideas came from the hit television reality show “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”.  In this show, viewers watch as builders tear down a run-down house and rebuild it so that it becomes someone’s dream home.  So, why not take this concept and transfer it to the world of teaching kids how to revise?  Extreme Makeover Writing Edition takes a process approach to revision and is divided into eight steps.  After teaching mini-lessons, students are divided into “design teams” where they work collaboratively to “tear down” a rough draft and “rebuild” it with the tools of revision.   


Cover those writing pet peeves with Grammar Gremlins!  Each lesson is geared to be a week-long study and begins by revealing a “gremlin” – a widespread and common error found in student writing.   There are twenty-five lessons in the book, all complete with an introductory mini lesson, at least one practice page, review handout, and a quiz. 

Students naturally love a mischievous character, and our gremlin takes on that role!  A purple gremlin keeps things interesting in every lesson by narrating facts about his gremlin world.