May 13, 2015 @ 10:01 PM

So, here we are in MAY and counting down the days!  I'm riding out the year with one of my favorite activities, the "Welcome to My Fairytale" creative writing unit, and my students are loving it as usual!  I thought I would take a minute to share.  I like reading bullets, so I will use that format to be quick.

  • First, with the class, brainstorm a list of well-known fairytales.(The three bears fits this category in my book!)
  • Put students in groups of four or five.  Six would work too for a large class.
  • Have each group decide on a fairy tale to "twist".  I don't let two groups do the same one, but you could.
  • Tell them that their job will be to modernize the fairytale.  For example, Goldilocks may drive a Mustang and take a selfie at the home of the three bears.
  • Have them do some prewriting first!  There is  a lot of planning to do.  They should plan out each scene, make a list of props, and decide who will play which character.
  • I allow my students to add characters and events, but I tell them that the audience should still be able to tell which original fairytale they have "twisted".  
  • Together as a group, students write the scrips, complete with stage directions.
  • We do not have time for students to make backdrops for different scenes, so I encourage students to make signs for scene changes.  For example, a student may walk through with a sign that reads Scene 1 In the Castle.  
  • I do encourage them to bring props and costumes.
  • I also allow them to use music clips in their skits.  They love this part!  I, of course, must approve of the song.  
  • Once they are done, allow each group to perform their skits for the class.

They love this, and it is a great way to end the year!  If you do not want to do your own and want to save time and purchase all of our prewriting handouts, samples, and rubrics, we do sell our Welcome to My Fairytale unit for only $3. We even include the option for students to include a commercial during their skit!   I bet you will use it year after year!

Until next time,