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The Highwayman

Are you looking for Common Core lesson plans for "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes?  The link below provides a free printable for this poem!  Our complete teaching unit for this narrative poems includes the following:

Informational text with questions – This is a historical text about crime in eighteenth century England. A handout with questions is provided to go along with the article.
Vocabulary – Using this handout, students are required to figure out the meaning of words using provided etymologies. They then must consult a dictionary to determine the precise meaning and use each term in a sentence.
Close Reading – This handout will guide students through each stanza helping them to understand what they are reading.
Post Reading Questions – Eight questions are provided. Students are required to support inferences made and analyze how the author develops the characters.
Imagery and Language to Artwork –This handout will allow students to analyze how the author creates imagery.
Literary Element Scavenger Hunt – This activity will send the students back to the text to find figurative language, flashbacks, alliteration, character development, imagery, and vivid word choice.
Writing Activities – These pages in the packet provide multiple post-reading writing activities such as eulogies, a letter, an I am poem, and a news article. You will find handouts to accompany each of these activities.
Theme – With this handout, students will understand what a theme is and learn how to write a theme statement. Examples and non-examples are provided, and students will develop their own theme for this poem and find a passage from the poem to support it.
Tableau – This is a fun group activity that can be done after the poem. 


Click the link below to print your free sample handout to help your students understand the narrative poem "The Highwayman"!

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