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After Twenty Years Teaching Unit

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This teaching packet for the story "After Twenty Years" includes prereading activities, a handout to guide students in understanding the first paragraph of the story, a readers' theater script with instructions, handouts to analyze foreshadowing, irony, imagery, and theme, a grammar printable on capitalization, and a fun idea to create a tableau for this story.   

Included in this packet you will find the following:

Fun Prereading Writing Idea - will initiate excitement about reading the story and tie in a writing assignment too.

Vocabulary Preview - The vocabulary preview provides words in context so that students can determine meanings. CCSSRL4

Close Reading of the First Paragraph - With this activity, students are required to complete a close reading of the first paragraph. This handout asks questions to guide students in understanding what they are reading. CCSS7RL1,3

Readers’ Theater Instructions and Script - Students build fluency through reading out loud, and readers’ theater is a great way to do this in the middle school classroom. Instructions are given on two ways to do the readers’ theater. Also, the entire story is provided in “script form” for the read aloud.

Foreshadowing and Irony - This handout requires students to look back in the story to determine and analyze the literary elements of foreshadowing and irony. CCSS7RL1,3

Imagery - This handout helps students analyze how the author creates imagery. With this activity, students will find a passage; then, using the information provided on the handout, they will explain how imagery has been created by the author. CCSS7RL1

Grammar - Students will learn or review a capitalization rule using text from the story.

Theme - The handout on theme can be used to teach what theme is and how a theme statement can be developed. Students are required to find the stated theme in this story, analyze how the theme affects the main characters, and explain how this theme is true for life in general. CCSS7RL-1,2

Tableau - This activity requires students to work in groups to develop a creative tableau and then perform it for the class. A rubric is provided.

Answer keys are provided for all handouts!
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