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One of the most fun novels to share with students is Jerry Spinelli's Maniac Magee.  The unforgettable characters and the legend of Maniac paired with a plot that deals with real issues and family life create the perfect realistic story.  In the classroom, this book lends itself perfectly for independent or whole-class study. 

In our teaching unit, we provide handouts to guide students in analyzing literary elements, such as dramatic irony, conflict, and theme.  In addition, we  provide printables that teach students to study the author's craft by taking a look at things such as Spinelli's word choice and creation of realistic characters.  Creative writing opportunities are also provided in our unit.

We would like to share some of our printables free of charge.  Just click the link below to print them.  If you like these lesson ideas, consider purchasing our entire unit.  Buy it one time, and use it for years.  We hope you enjoy the free lessons!


Click the link below for free lesson plans from our teaching unit for the novel Maniac Magee.

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If you like these free lessons for Maniac Magee,  you can download our complete teaching unit for this novel now.   Use the activities and tests immediately and for years to come!  This teaching unit contains more than forty pages of standards-based lesson plans, handouts, and tests for Maniac Magee.  


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