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The novel Holes by Louis Sachar is a classic.  When we teach Holes in our classrooms, we use the following activities for each chapter.  Scroll to the bottom of this list to print the highlighted free lesson plans for Holes.

Chapter 1                                          Welcome to Camp Green Lake

Chapter 2                                          Silent Passage Analysis

Chapter 3                                          Who is Stanley? Piece it Together

Chapter 4 & 5                                   Discussion

Chapter 6                                          Cause and Effect

Chapter 7                                          Plot and Subplot

Chapter 9                                          Writing Opportunity

Test Chapters One – Ten  

Chapter 11                                       Pig Latin

Chapter 12                                       Symbolism

Chapters 14 & 15                            Indirect Characterization

Chapter 16                                       Create a Nursery Rhyme

Chapter 17                                       Readers’ Theater

Chapter 18                                       Point of View

Chapter 19                                       Dialogue & Writing Opportunity

Chapter 20                                       Read All About It!

Test Chapters 11-20

Chapters 21 & 22                            Context Clues

Chapters 23 & 24                            Subplot & Direct Characterization

Chapter 25                                       Irony & Discussion

Chapter 26                                       Silent Conversation

Chapter 27                                       What’s in a Name?  

Chapter 28                                       Epitaph for Kate Barlow  

Test Chapters 21-28  

Chapter 29                                       Vivid Descriptions  

Chapter 30                                       Tone & Readers’ Theater

Chapter 31                                       Discussion  

Chapter 32                                       Wanted Poster  

Chapter 33                                       Situational Irony  

Chapter 35                                       Sploosh! A Creative Idea

Chapter 36                                       Discussion

Chapters 37 & 38                            Symbolism  

Chapter 39                                       Discussion & Writing Opportunity

Chapters 40 & 41                            Questions ~ Informational Passage  

Test Chapters 29-41

Chapter 42                                       Theme

Chapter 43                                       Onomatopoeia & Predictions  

Chapters 44-45                               Cliffhanger Endings & Suspense  

Chapter 46                                       Flashback

Chapter 47                                       Drawing Conclusions & Making Inferences  

Chapter 48                                       Inside/Out Profile

Chapter 49                                       Readers’ Theater

Chapter 50                                       Making Connections

Post reading Activities


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If you like these free lessons, you can download our complete teaching unit for Holes now.   Use the activities and tests immediately and for years to come!  This teaching unit contains more than forty pages of standards-based handouts, writing activities, and tests for Holes. 

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