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Hearts and Hands
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 Click the link below to print a free prereading activity for "Hearts and Hands" by O. Henry.  This story can be complicated for middle school students, but once they understand it, most students will love it! 

Our Hearts and Hands teaching packet includes two prereading activities, an active reading guide, two fun and engaging readers' theater activities, a postreading writing activity, and a test.  One of the readers' theater activities requires students to work cooperatively to rewrite the story as a modern day, updated script.  The active reading guide in this packet will require students to complete a close reading of this story.  It can be used as a whole class activity or students can use it to read independently.  The test has nineteen multiple choice questions and one discussion question. Answer keys and are provided as well.   Print one of the free prereading activities below, and if you like it, consider purchasing our "Hearts and Hands" teaching packet.  You can save it and use it year after year! 

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