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Free Lesson Plans for Hatchet

Hatchet is one book your students will certainly remember.  Gary Paulsen wonderfully tells the story of Brian, who is forced to pilot a plane and land it on a deserted island.  There, he must learn to survive. 

With this book, great opportunity arises to teach students about examining the author's craft.  We teach our students to pay attention to Gary Paulsen's word usage, imagery, use of suspense, and even symbolism.  Of course, we also take a look at literary elements too, such as theme, point of view, and setting.  Take a look at our free sample handouts.

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If you like these free lessons,  you can download our complete teaching unit for Hatchet now.   Use the activities and tests immediately and for years to come!  This teaching unit contains more than forty pages of standards-based lesson plans, handouts, and tests for Hatchet. 

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