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Halloween Lesson Plans

Have your students write Halloween Acrostic Poems. To make this more challenging, have the students include rhyme in their poems. Then, have them label the rhyme scheme. Print a free example of an acrostic poem and a handout for students!


Have  your students write a Halloween story!  Allow them to choose from one of these Halloween story starters.


Use this example of a Halloween story to teach your students how to revise.  The story includes teacher comments and suggestions for revision.  After using this essay as a mini-lesson, have students revise their own stories.  You could also have students revise the introduction of this story to make it better!


This October, read the spooky narrative poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes.  Click here to print a free ready to use handout to help students understand "The Highwayman".




Check out this fun Halloween resource!



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