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Grammar Gremlins Samples

     Written by teachers for teachers, this practical and valuable resource will have your students editing like experts!  Scroll down to print a FREE sample packet!

     Each lesson is geared to be a week-long study and begins by revealing a “gremlin” – a widespread and common error found in student writing.   There are twenty-five lessons in the book, all complete with an introductory mini lesson, at least one practice page, review handout, and a quiz. 

     Students naturally love a mischievous character, and our gremlin takes on that role!  A purple gremlin keeps things interesting in every lesson by narrating facts about his gremlin world.

     The introduction mini lesson can be taught on Mondays, practice can be provided throughout the week, and assessment can be given on Fridays with the provided quizzes. And the best thing about this book is that once a gremlin is identified, it is not forgotten.  Old gremlins are reviewed as new ones are taught, and on quizzes, students must edit previous taught gremlins alongside the new ones.  This type of repetition is crucial to making sure that your students eliminate these pesky errors from their writing for good!  Grammar Gremlins provides a humorous and effective approach to fitting in such an important part of your language arts curriculum!

Make it fun!
Monsters are very popular these days. We buy monster stickers and reward students with them when they make a 100 on a gremlin quiz. We make a Gremlin Wall and hang cute little cut out monsters with each lesson that we learn. We even bought the cutest little squishy monsters at the Dollar Tree, and on Mondays when we introduce the lesson, we toss these little fellows around. Whoever catches it either answers a question about the week’s gremlin or uses it correctly in a sentence. Kids love this!

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Buy these cute little fellows at the Dollar Tree!  Toss them out when you learn the "Gremlin of the Week".  Whoever catches one must correctly answer a question about the gremlin or use the grammar gremlin in a sentence!  Also,  add  "gremlins" to a Gremlin word wall as students learn them.