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Free middle school ELA lesson plans, handouts, teaching ideas, and more!


You can try some of our  ELA middle school lesson plans and activities absolutely FREE!  Click on the following to download.

Top 10 Classroom Management Ideas

First Day Back to School activity 

Our Classroom Layout

Literature Circles - How to make them work!

Teach imagery in such a fun way using our lesson plan for "Pop Rocks Poetry" from our book called Positively Poetry ~ A Hodgepodge of Poetry Lessons

Free Halloween Lesson Plans and Activities

Free Thanksgiving Writing Activity with Handouts!

Super Fun Christmas Gift Giving game and Writing Activity ~ No Money Needed!

Print Free handouts for writing activities including Extreme Makeover Writing Edition, American Writer, Welcome to My Fairy Tale and more!

 Check out FREE lesson plans for lots of young adult novels!

Don't leave our site until you have printed ten FREE bellringer activities from Core CHOMP - a resource that takes small daily bites out of challenging ELA Common Core Standards.  

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