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Fairy Tale Writing





In this unit, your students will use a classic fairytale as a spring board for their own creative dramatic production!  Students will become playwrights, actors, producers, and critics.  The process will be as follows:

  • In small groups, students will decide on a fairytale to use – or you can assign one to each group.  Use our list of fairytales to help make selections!
  •  Students will make humorous updates to one classic story.   They will modernize the original fairy tale by changing a couple of story elements.   Use our “Fairytale Twister” handout to guide students in this process.  We also provide a completed student sample for you to show to students.  A writing sample always helps when instructing students!
  • Next, students will work together to write their script. Each skit should be no longer than four scenes.   Use our student instruction page,  prewriting forms and checklists as guides.  Student samples are also provided!
  • Once the script is complete, students will create a commercial to accompany their skit.  Your students can use the propaganda technique handout to aid in the selection of a persuasive form. Then allow groups to complete our “Magic Commercial" handout to prepare.  Again, we provide a student sample!
  • Finally, students will present their skits and commercials to the class.  Groups can assess each other using the student response forms.
  • Use our teacher forms and rubrics to help you grade this creative writing project!

Buy this fairy tale writing packet now for only $7 and download it immediately!  All of the forms, student samples, and rubrics will make this creative writing opportunity simple to use.  Your students will love it!  Order with confidence.  If for any reason you have trouble downloading the packet once you have ordered, just contact us and we will help you asap!


Have fun!