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Core CHOMP! can be used as a bell ringer activity, a homework assignment, or as a closure for your class. This resource provides 180 Common Core standards-based exercises, one for every day of the school year.  Each day's "chomp" is built around a rotating five-day pattern. Students will read a poem on day one, a complex fiction passage on day two, and an informational text on day three. Days four and five will address writing, research, and language standards.  Students will answer three questions per passage/day.  These questions require students to use close reading and critical thinking skills, analyze an author's craft, make inferences, understand vocabulary using context clues, develop and support claims in arguments, and so much more.

In our seventh grade classrooms, we use Core CHOMP! as a bellringer activity.  Our students begin the day's "chomp" as soon as they enter the room.  We provide a few minutes for them to independently read the day's passage or assignment and answer the three questions.  Then, we pull popsicle sticks with students' names on them for answers.  Each and every day, Core CHOMP! provides valuable, teachable moments, saturates our students with close reading practice,  and requires critical thinking.  There is no doubt that this bellringer is one of the best resources we have incorporated as ELA teachers!  We are excited about sharing Core CHOMP! with you.  You can print the first ten pages free for our sixth grade and seventh grade books.    Also, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.