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ELA Core Plans - Teacher-Written Standards-Based Lesson Plans

Check out the following ELA Common Core resources.


Our new Core CHOMP! provides 180 days of Common Core exercises for 6th and 7th grade ELA students. 

The Common-Core writing standards place an emphasis on argumentative writing.  We have developed a resource to help teachers present multiple argumentative prompts to their students over a twenty-week period.  Argue Your Point provides twenty handouts. Each handout includes three tasks for the argumentative topic.  With these tasks, students must determine a claim, differentiate between relevant and irrelevant facts to support claims, and/or branstorm relevant facts and details to defend the argument or the counter-argument.  Print free tasks from Argue Your Point now, and try it in your classroom!


We offer teaching units for many young adult novels.  Our novel units are not "cookie-cutter", generic plans like many that are sold. We pour tons of time and effort into making each lesson standards based and engaging for students.  To prove this to you, we give away several free sample pages from each unit!

Common Core requires…

Our novel units provide…

1.   students to make close readings of texts

activities where students must return to text to analyze story elements and an author's craft and defend their answers with evidence from the text

2.   all students read grade-level complex texts

lessons and activities based on a range of novels that are high-interest and compatible for upper-elementary and middle school students

3.  teachers to ask text-dependent questions

questions and activities from each chapter which are richly dependent on the text

4.   teachers to provide extensive writing opportunities

ample amounts of writing prompts and activities where students link what they’ve read with a writing assignment

5.  teachers to offer regular opportunities for students to work collaboratively to share ideas

activities for students to work together in groups or with partners