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Daily Dose 7th Grade

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If you are tired of starting your English Language Arts classes with a boring sentence to be corrected ; if you are tired of vocabulary programs that just do not increase word knowledge, and if you are looking for a way to incorporate and repeat ELA standards in your classroom, then this book is for you!  It provides three daily components for your students for each day of the school year:  vocabulary, editing practice, and standard practice.  Daily Dose cannot only get students busy at the beginning of class; it can increase their vocabulary, reading, and writing skills.  Each day, using Daily Dose, students can enter your room and immediately get to work on the following:

  • Word of the Day:  Memory experts tell us that mnemonics, or devices that help us to anchor concepts in our mids, are the best and easiest ways to remember things.  This book provides one word of the day for the first one hundred days, the word's part of speech, the pronunciation, the definition, and a mnemonic link to help students remember the word and its definition.  Instead of piling on too many words, this book stops with 100. The remaining eighty daily doses are used to review these 100 words to ensure that these words enter studetns' longterm memories.  Daily Dose not only offers mnemonic devices and constant review, it also puts the words in context.  After the word of the day is presented, it is used in a sentence that the student must edit, and that brings us to the second component of Daily Dose.
  • Edit Sentence:  Actually, it's not just a sentence.  It is a story broken up into daily portions.  Each day's portion contains grammatical errors that students must find and correct.  This story continues throughout the school year.  Your students will laugh as they read these funny sentences, and they will wait in anticipation to see what will happen the next day in the story. 
  • Standard Review Question/Activity:  Due to the pressure of state testing, it is imperative that standards be continuously taught and reviewed.  Each day's dose contains a question or assignment based on English language arts standards.  These review questions are based on the South Carolina state standards and are geared toward the national standards.

And that's Not All!

This book also contains review games, project ideas, ideas on how to incorporate words of the day in student writing, and most importantly, tests!   After every ten doses, there is a test.   The tests not only assess the vocabulary words, but they also assess the standards!  This is an easy and effective way to make sure your students are continuously assessed on those standards!