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The Tale of Despereaux Teaching Unit

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This is a 103 page teaching unit on the novel The Tale of Despereaux. 
Each chapter has a printable page with an activity, writing assignment, or questions that require close reading and critical thinking. Using these handouts, students will examine the author's craft, as well as literary elements such as point of view, setting, foreshadowing, and theme. Along the way, students will also write poems, an essay, a news report, and even a song. The handouts are ready for you to copy and will provide you with a literary focus for each chapter. There are five tests included in this unit, including a test to compare the movie version to the novel. The best part is you can use this unit for years to come! Take a look at the following table of contents to see what is included in this unit.

Chapters 1 & 2 Meet the Mice
Chapters 3 & 4 Foreshadowing, Discussion, Simile
Chapter 5 Writing Opportunity
Chapters 6 & 7 Expanding on Quotes
Chapter 8 Examine a Word
Chapter 9 Discuss and Predict
Chapter 10 Meaning of Words
Chapter 11 Despereaux’s Feelings
Chapter 12 Acrostic Poetry
Chapter 14 Setting
Chapter 15 Point of View
Test ~ Book the First
Chapter 16 Summarizing & Compare/Contrast
Chapter 17 Discussion
Chapter 18 Literal vs. Figurative Meanings
Chapter 19 Context Clues
Chapter 20 Tone
Chapter 21 Discussion
Chapter 22 Silent Conversation
Chapter 23 Cause & Effect
Test ~ Book the Second
Chapters 24 & 25 Writing Opportunity
Chapter 26 Poetry / Comparison
Chapter 27 Song Lyrics
Chapter 28 Comprehension / Discussion
Chapter 29 Reader’s Theater
Chapter 30 The Dungeon
Chapter 31 Mig
Chapters 32 & 33 Words to Know
Test ~ Book the Third
Chapters 34 & 35 Emotions
Chapter 36 Discussion
Chapters 37 & 38 The Heart
Chapter 39 News Report
Chapter 40 Forgiveness
Chapter 41 Characterization
Chapter 42 A Quest
Chapters 43 & 44 Discussion / Poem
Chapter 45 Personification
Chapter 48 Imagery
Chapters 49 & 50 Title Analysis
Chapters 51 & 52 Fate
Test ~ Final
ABCs of The Tale of Despereaux
Answer Keys 


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