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Teaching Unit for Rules

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Make sure you print the free lessons for Rules first to see just how great these lessons, tests, and activities will accompany your novel study!  

This is a teaching unit for the novel Rules by Cynthia Lord. This unit contains ready-made, standards-based handouts to accompany each chapter of this book. These handouts will require students to analyze the author’s craft and literary elements such as imagery, tone, and theme. There is a final test included. Also included are writing assignments and post reading activities. Take a look at the table of contents below to see the focus of each chapter. Everything is ready for you to teach, and the best part is that once you purchase this unit, you can reuse it every year!

What's included? Take a look at the table of contents!

Pre-Reading Activity
Chapter 1 – Getting to Know the Characters
Chapter 2 – Imagery
Chapter 3 – Onomatopoeia
Chapter 4 – Discussion
Chapter 5 – Dash, Discussion
Chapter 6 – Readers’ Theater
Chapter 7 – Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Chapter 7 – Writing Opportunity
Chapter 8 – Similes
Chapter 9 – House Rules, Cinnamon and Nutmeg Comic Strip
Chapter 10 – Examine a Word
Chapter 11 – Figurative Language 
Chapter 13 – Verbs, Adjectives
Chapter 14 –Author’s Craft
Chapter 15 – Strong Verbs
Chapter 16 – Propaganda
Chapter 17 – Character Sketch & Setting Sketch
Chapter 18 – Tone
Chapter 19 – Theme
Chapter 20 – Wishes
Chapter 21 – Writing Opportunity
Chapter 22 – Post Reading Activity
Writing Prompts
Character Analysis
I Am Poem
Final Test 
Answer Key 

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