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Teaching Unit for The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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Take a look at the table of contents below to see what all this unit includes.

Table of Contents
Chapter Analysis
Chapter 1 – Inferences
Chapter 2 – Context Clues / Idioms and Hyperbole
Chapter 3 – Point of View / Mood
Chapter 4 – Imagery / Discussion
Chapter 5 – Discussion / Capitalization Rules
Chapter 6 – Imagery/ Discussion/ Context Clue & Figurative Language Review
Test – Chapters 1-6
Chapter 7 – Friendly Letter/ Discussion/ Non-Fiction Analysis
Chapter 8 – Indirect Characterization
Chapter 9 – Analysis/ Historical Significance
Chapter 10 – The Armband/ Figurative Language Review/ Predictions
Test Chapters 7-10
Chapter 11 - Flashbacks/ The Dinner Guest/Research Opportunity
Chapter 12 – Shmuel’s Journey/Venn Diagram
Chapter 13 – Reference Skills
Chapter 14 – Irony/A Secret to Cover up
Test 11-14
Chapter 15 – Bruno’s List/Symbolism
Chapter 16 – Discussion
Chapter 17 – Reader’s Theater
Chapter 18 – Predictions/Change in Descriptions
Chapter 19 – Bruno’s Misunderstandings/Weather to Emphasize Change
Chapter 20 – Discussion/Tone
Comparing and Contrasting Bruno and Shmuel
Silent Passage Analysis
Character Analysis
Discussion Questions
Final Test
Reading Schedule
“I Am” Poem
Answer Key 

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