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A Standard Start 8th Grade

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*While A Standard Start is still available, we have now written Core CHOMP! to match the Common Core State Standards.  Download ten free samples from our sixth and seventh grade Core CHOMP!

Unlike Core CHOMP,  A Standard Start was not written to match the Common Core State Standards.  However,  many of the questions still adhere to these standards. If you are simply looking for a quick and meaningful ELA exercise to get your students busy when they come in the room, AStandard Start may be for you.  

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The purpose of A Standard Start is to provide three questions a day that are based on language arts standards.  These comprehensive questions spiral the standards and will increase your students' reading and writing skills and help prepare students for standardized testing.

There are 180 days of standards-based questions, one for every day of the school year.  Each day, students will answer three questions.  Standards will be spiraled, meaning on Mondays, they will have questions based on certain standards; every Tuesday, they will cover another set of standards, and so on.  This is the standards schedule that the book follows:

    • Monday - Figurative language, point of view, context clues
    • Tuesday - Elements of fiction, reference skills, writing skills
    • Wednesday - Elements of poetry, author's purpose/craft, making inferences/drawing conclusions or summarize/paraphrase
    • Thursday - Main idea, text elements or graphic features, building vocabulary (connotation/denotation, euphemisms, idioms)
    • Friday - Bias/propaganda, tone/mood, word analysis (Greek and Latin roots and affixes)