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Lunes and More Fun October Poetry

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This packet contains instructions and handouts for students to write seven different poems! These lessons are fun and perfect to use in the month of October! 
1. Body Part Lunes- Using gummy "body parts" students will write a lune. Then, of course, they can enjoy their gummy eye balls, brains, and fingers. 
2. Body Beast Poetry – This poem will allow your students to include some research in the poem writing process. 
3. Epitaph – Students will choose a character from a story or novel to write an epitaph.
4. Halloween is mostly about candy, so why not use it in a poetry writing lesson! Pop Rocks Poetry - You can usually find small packets of pop rocks in the Halloween candy aisle. Give each student a packet, and have them write pop rocks poetry! Samples are included.
4. Extended Metaphor Poetry – Students begin with a metaphor and extend it into a poem!
5. Acrostic Poem – Students will write an acrostic poem about Halloween.
6. Candy Corn Haiku- Allow your students to enjoy the most famous Halloween candy as they write haiku in tribute to these triangular sweets!

Use these fun lessons and handouts this October and for years to come!