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Argumentative Writing
Lessons and handouts to help students develop a claim, support it with relevant details, and argue a point!

 To help our students learn the art of argumentative writing, we created twenty argumentative writing exercises. Each exercise presents an argumentative prompt accompanied by three questions or tasks which will generate critical thinking skills, discussion, and debate. Some of the topics require our students to acknowledge and distinguish a claim from alternate or opposing claims.  Some questions require students to choose relevant and sufficient evidence to support a claim, and others require students to develop their own claims with reasons and evidence to support them.

Thinking of valid reasons and finding sufficient evidence are two of the greatest challenges for middle school students when developing arguments.  It is crucial that we as teachers provide ample time discussing how to develop effective arguments, but as all English language arts teachers know, we do not have a ton of time!  These short exercises provide a way to tackle many argumentative topics and teach students the art of arguing in an essay. 

Click the Sample Packet link below to print two of these handouts FREE!  If you think it would be something that could work in your classroom, download our Argue Your Point e-book.  You can use these immediately and for years to come!

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